My Creativity Room

This is where the magic happens…LOL….well sometimes. And sometimes it’s where the creative blocks happen. Ha-Ha. I was so excited when Danny told me I could have a creativity room. It started out with one table but quickly a 2nd table was added. I TRY really hard to keep this room clean but some nights I literally step over stuff to get out of the room.
If you look around you will see plenty of unfinished projects. The empty frame on the wall that will one day be a bulletin board, the half painted pen holder in my bookcase, the basket full of scrap paper that I am sure I will use one day….you get the idea. LOL.
See the pretty letters on the wall that say “Jenn’s Creativity Room”? That was a cool surprise present from my good friend Theresa! Aren’t they adorable?? I love them!!
Hopefully this weekend I will get to use the Cricut Create which is sitting on the table lonely and neglected….poor Mr. Cricut….he only wants someone to love him. LOL.


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