Blog CANDY for a CURE!!!!

Ok friends, family, and people I don’t know but hope to someday call a friend…..I need help raising money for my AVON walk. The walk is in April 2010 and I have to raise a minimum of $1800.00. You can check out my AVON walk page by clicking HERE.

Ok….so here is the blog candy scoop. I have some awesome goodies to give away. Have you seen the new cricut cuttables? FUN STUFF! I have the cricut cuttables embossing folders AND stamp kit! A $50+ value! You can create your own embossing folders for the cuttlebug and your very own acrylic stamps with these kits. (You have to have a cricut tho!)

This is all about raising money for my AVON walk so for each dollar you donate to my AVON walk(<—-click there to donate!!!!) – you get one entry.
I will also give you one entry for posting this to YOUR blog and then letting me know you did so.
So for example- if you donate $10 to my walk and then post about it on your blog you would have ELEVEN entries! If you have Facebook and post about it there I will also count that as one entry.

Blog Candy runs thru October 15th so spread the word!!!

Thanks in advance for helping find a cure!!!!


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