Waterfall Card Tutorial

Here are the supplies you will need to create the Waterfall Card
Scor-Pal (or score blade on your cutter)
Brads (2)
Eyelet (1)
Big Bite (or another type of eyelet setter)
Bling (or other type of embellishment)
Scallop Punch (or whatever you want to put on the squares)
Ink- to distress the edges of the squares and card mat
Paper cut as described below-
Card Base- 4 x 5.5 (mine is brown)
Card Mat- 3×5 (mine is pink)
Long Strip- 2×9 (mine is pink) – Score strip at 2″, 2 3/4″, 3 1/2″, and 4 1/4
Horizontal Strip- 1×2 3/4 (mine is brown and pink pattern)
4 squares- Cut 2×2
4 or 8 scallops to fit inside the 2×2 squares ( I used 8. 2 on each square and one of them is added on top of the other using a pop dot for a 3 dimensional look)
Score your 2×9 strip
Next get your 4 squares ready. I inked mine around the edges and then added scallops on top of them. I actually used 2 scallops on each card and attached one on top of the other with a pop dot.
Now get ready to adhere your squares to the scored strip. Lay your strip vertically.
The bottom part of the strip is exactly 2×2. Adhere the first square in this 2×2 section. You are glueing down the entire square.
Adhere the next square just under the score line. You are only adhering the part of the square that fits between the two score lines- not the entire square.
Continue adding the rest of the squares between the 2 score lines.
Congratulations- the hard part is done.
Next you are going to ink your card mat.
You are going to add your horizontal strip now. I punched two holes and added brads to hold it in place. The strip should be about an inch from the bottom of the mat.
There is no glue behind this strip because the long 2×9 strip with your squares on it is going to slide underneath it.
First cover the strip with glue as shown below.
Glue down the bottom square.
Next fold the strip under.
So now are you almost done!
Add your eyelet at the bottom of the pull tab.
Now add your ribbon
Add your embellishments and your waterfall card is done!

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