Don’t scrap after 7pm…..

I am not a late night scrapper. My creativity usually fizzles around 7pm no matter what time I start. So truthfully I knew better than to try and make a card tonight. But Danny was watching TV and there was a tutorial I wanted to try out. Since I started after my normal “cut-off” time I can not say whether the tutorial was bad or if I was bad. LOL. The card looks NOTHING like it is supposed to. Its not folded right, its not cut right, its not scored right…..if you were to look at my card and then the tutorial you would not realize they were supposed to match. HOWEVER…..I do like the card I created so I am keeping it. I am going to try the tutorial again another day and see if I can create the card I set out to make.
In the meantime…. this is what I have.

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