Grungeboard Bracelet

I saw this tutorial on Split Coast Stampers last week for a grunge board bracelet. I never wear jewelry but I thought the bracelet was so cute I wanted to make one. I had all the materials I needed so I made it tonight.

I didn’t exactly follow the tutorial but that is because I was going by memory. So this is what I did.

I cut a piece of plain grungeboard and ran it thru the cuttlebug with a swirly folder. I then inked the embossed area with my distress ink. Then I thought….hmmm…something doesn’t look right. At this point I checked the tutorial and realized I was supposed to paint it first. LOL. So I painted it….let it dry and then sanded it to reveal the embossed area so I could ink it again.

Danny actually has a little tool to add the snap and he even had the snaps. WOW….what a great guy to keep around! I added some embellishments, the snaps, and voila….Jenn has a new bracelet. And its so cute- I might actually wear it!


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