Project Organization

I have finally gone thru my creativity room and organized a few things. Things were getting so bad I didn’t have any table space left to create on. The closet is clean, I have weeded out some things I don’t use anymore, and for right now….until I start on my next project, my room is CLEAN! So I figured now was the best time to share a few pictures.
My ink pads are hanging on the wall now and my punches are now organized on the peg board. Underneath the peg board is a basket that holds all my cricut carts. That basket is sitting on a white chest that is FULL of paper packs that someday I am going to go thru and hopefully use. LOL.
My bling, buttons, and other odds and ends are stored in pails and hung from this shelf that is intended to be a towel rack. LOL.
Flowers, my cutters, markers, stamps and a few other odds and ends are stored in this corner.
After cleaning and organizing everything I finally have some open table space to play with.
My computer area…
I’m not quite confident enough to show you my closet area. LOL. The closet has those plastic shoe holders hanging from the doors that are stuffed with extra odds and ends. I have clip-its hanging from the shelf board with embellishments on them. A 50 shelf paper rack, a 10 drawer rolling cart, and some more shoe organizers hanging from the closet rod that holds all my cricut vinyl. LOL.

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