Gift Bag

Today I found a link for a cute little gift bag that may work  for our LMNOP Christmas bag exchange. I tried making the gift bag out of non-themed paper because I currently do not have a stash of Christmas paper. I just wanted to make sure the bag would work.

You can find the online tutorial that I followed here-

Overall I think the bag is cute. I am not happy with the tabs at the top so I will figure out something else for those. And I am thinking about doing a border punch at the top so it doesn’t look so plain.  The directions say to use a scallop punch but I just used one of my border punches and I like the effect. Although….I think I should have used the other side of the paper because they don’t stand out very well.

The only drawback I see is that it isn’t very sturdy. So it would be ideal for something like a gift card but I am not sure it’s very practical for much else….


2 thoughts on “Gift Bag

  1. I love the bag! I agree about the border punch – it will give it a bit of zip. I was famous on your old blog and now I’m back to being a nobody. 😦

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