3rd times a charm

I planned on trying out a Christmas tag tonight that I found a tutorial for online. I am not even going to link you back to the tutorial because I couldn’t get past step two….score at 1 3/4, – 3/4- 1 3/4 and 3/4…..does that mean 3/4 and 1 3/4 between each score or am I supposed to be flipping the paper around and scoring it? I have no idea. And honestly trying to figure out 1 3/4 in between my last score on a score pal would just give me a headache.

 But I was in the mood to create something. So I pulled out my new Tim Holtz book and started looking at some tips. I found something that sounded pretty cool and set to work.

I had to use distress ink and a blending tool to color in a tag. Perfect….I always feel like a true artist when I color with distress ink. Next step use distress embossing ink on my desired stamp….Uh-oh….Tim Holtz makes embossing ink? Dang it….don’t have that. Gonna have to get some tomorrow….In the meantime I just used my regular distress ink. Inked my stamp and then sprayed it with water (the book says this part is tricky….to say the least!!!!!) And then when the watered down ink stamp comes in contact with the paper the distress ink will work as a resist and make the stamped image look bleached….Well Tim I don’t know about all that but it looks kinda cool. Maybe I am missing the bleached look because I didn’t use embossing ink?

My first attempt- WAY too much water!

My second attempt- very crisp image so guessing I didn't use enough water

Nice vintage look on this one with the ink slightly smeared. This one is a keeper!


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