Salt Tutorial

It’s been almost a month since I have updated my blog. Sometimes life tends to get in the way and life has been super crazy lately.

A long time ago I made a card using salt so for some of you this may be a repeat. If you are looking for something unique this is the way to go.

I use photo paper when I make these because the paper keeps it’s shape when you spritz it with water or glimmer mist.

The first step is to ink your paper – I use Tim Holtz ink. Don’t worry about even coverage or perfection because the entire look is going to change.

After you ink your paper sprinkle it with some table salt. You can experiment with the amount of salt you use.

The next step is to lightly spritz the paper with either water or glimmer mist. This time I used glimmer mist and I loved the effect. Then just let it dry.

The result is a really cool crackle effect- very unique.

I used mine to cut out shapes with punches. You can also stamp the paper before applying the salt (make sure you use Staz-On ink!)

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