Happy Fall

It’s still in the 90’s here but its the first weekend of fall. After a facebook poll asking if it was too early to decorate I felt that the time was right.

I began planning yesterday, and found a blog (which I now LOVE) with a tutorial for a square wreath. Have you ever even heard of such a thing? I was determined to make one. Danny Downer said it was too heavy for the door….but guess what….its hanging on the door! And its super cute!

I started with an 18×24 black frame. I found this frame abandoned in a parking lot about 4 years ago. The glass was broken but the price tag said $49.99 and I knew I couldn’t just leave it in the parking lot for someone else to grab. Its been in my closet ever since. I removed the glass (with Danny’s help) and finally after 4 years the frame had a purpose!

I bought 12 packs of leaves at Michaels for $1.00 each. I actually only used 4 packs- 48 leaves so I have a ton left over for another project (yet to be determined).

I cut the stems off and started applying them randomly to the frame with my hot glue gun.

And Ta-Da- the finished project.

And last years wreath – now hanging to the side of the door

Total cost to make the wreath was less than $5.00. We will see how it holds up to the elements but our front door is blocked from the wind and rain so it should do fine. So what do you think about the square wreath?
Sharing this crafty creation at Visit thecsiproject.com


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