Lesson Learned

Have you ever read directions for something and thought “what a waste of time, why on earth would I do that?” Yea….me too. And then you make it and it’s a disaster and you go “ohhhh I get it. Lesson learned”. That is pretty much how things went down this weekend. I learned a hard lesson when my ornaments popped off and went flying all over the kitchen. Or if you’re Jaija and your ornaments go flying down the neighborhood street after removing your wreath from the back of your car. Sighhhh. When they say you should hot glue the tops of the ornaments they mean it.

Another lesson learned this weekend- crafting is pretty much impossible with 6 kids in the house. Also impossible with 4 kids in the house.

So here is my wreath, minus the hot glue. I anticipate when I actually put this out for Christmas the ornaments will start popping off randomly to remind me that I didn’t follow the directions. Anyway- the ribbon will be replaced before Christmas but its all I had and I wanted to hang it up so I could take a quick picture (before the ornaments started popping off again!)

Cost to create was $10.00 and some humiliation at being reminded with each ornament hitting the floor that yes they really are shatterless and no I didn’t follow directions.


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