Heat Transfer Vinyl…..ugh

I don’t normally give a bad review about a crafty product. But seriously……what a nightmare. Others should be warned!

I found this picture on pinterest and told my friend I could make her a shirt that says the same thing.


I am crafty….I should be able to do this! I have made shirts in the past with fabric and while the end result was cute, the process is kind of a pain. So when I heard about this heat transfer vinyl I wanted to try it out. So I ordered what should have been enough vinyl for at least 4 shirts and started the shirt last night. First of all when you use heat transfer vinyl you have to cut everything backwards. This is OK if your using a gypsy- there is a button that does it for you. Not so OK when you are using SCAL. If there is a button to do this I don’t know where it is! So I finally improvised and had my design ready to cut and the red vinyl was a disaster. I had to cut it 3 times and then just gave up and switched to black. I ran out of black because I had to do it twice since I forgot to mirror the image the first time. AND then while I was making the shirt I ironed on the question mark backward and since I am now out of vinyl…..there is no question mark. So my apologies to my friend…..your shirt isn’t really so great but I will make you a replacement. You can wear this one to clean the house. LOL.

A side note about red vinyl- I think all the way around red vinyl is worthless. I have noticed when I use regular vinyl that the red just doesn’t work. It doesn’t cut well, it doesn’t stick well. And the same with the heat transfer red vinyl. I am making a stand to no longer purchase red vinyl.


The shirt…..


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