Invitation (Mini) Tutorial

Exactly 365 days before our destination wedding I have mailed out our invitations. I am probably super cheesy but I thought it would be neat for the postmark to be exactly one year prior to the wedding. We didn’t do save the dates so we decided to send out the invites well in advance for people to plan, save, and coordinate time off work.

In total these invitations took about 5 days and I made 50 of them. The measuring and cutting took the longest. Once everything was cut and scored the assembly went pretty fast. They weighed 9 ounces which was a bonus for us because it only required one stamp!

The paper is 81/2 x 11 and it is scored at 2 and 7 to make the little tri-fold. The invitation is 5×7 and everything fit nicely into a 5×7 envelope. I used scrap paper to make the pocket. When I was searching for tutorials I found 3 that I liked from pinterest and combined them. Since our wedding is destination we decided to create a wedding blog with all the hotel info so we only had to include a small insert in the invitation that directed people to our blog for accommodation information.

Hope you like them!

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8 thoughts on “Invitation (Mini) Tutorial

    • I would really encourage you to play around with the fonts and see what works best for you. Everything we used was readily available in Word, we didn’t purchase or download any unique font.

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