Sewing Saturday

With the help of my friend Rachel and my besties sewing machine I am learning to sew. I have wanted to learn for a million years and with a little help from Pinterest I have found so many projects that have pushed me into starting.

Sewing is tough. I am a terrible cutter. So I really wasn’t surprised to discover I cannot cut fabric in a straight line. I also, cannot stitch in a straight line (but I am getting better!). So here is me- sewing my pillow case shut- OOPS! Had to rip that stitch out.

ImageHere is my finished pillowcase. And it actually fits a pillow! So impressive.


And here is a pincushion I made because I wanted something better than a tomato. Surprisingly I cannot sew in a circle either but its all closed and it works so as a first day of projects I am pretty happy.


Both of my project ideas came from pinterest. The pillowcase tutorial I followed can be found HERE. And the pincushion concept came from HERE. I did try and follow the pincushion tutorial but being a bad cutter made it difficult to cut all those squares the right size so I improvised. LOL. But I loved that I was able to use scrapbooking tools to make it.


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