Spray Paint Fun

I live in Houston, probably the most humid city in the USA. So when the spray paint can says only use in less than 90% humidity I laughed out loud and wondered if we could move. Since moving probably isn’t an option I opted for an early morning spray paint session in the backyard. I had to stop after a few projects because it was so hot I was afraid I would die.

I had a few lamps that I wanted to do and I found an idea on pinterest. I followed this tutorial to spray paint my lamp with lace. I had a few problems with the lace, I couldn’t get it anywhere near tight enough on the lamp shade. It still turned out super cute.




I also had an old lampshade that I decided would look better yellow so I spray painted it too.

Fresh new look to an old lampshade



I didn’t sleep well last night because of a crazy pounding headache. The plus side to that is I had a fabulous idea to redo a chair. I bought this chair at goodwill a million years ago and never did anything with it. So it was time for a makeover.



I also painted my pegboard that I hold all my punches on.



I used about 1.5 cans of spray paint for all these projects. Not bad!


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