Scrappy Day

Today was my monthly scrappy day. We did a card exchange this time!

This is the card that I made.


We all made pinterest recipes again. We had white cheese pizza dip, fire crackers, breakfast casserole, golden graham goodness (I don’t know what they were really called but they were GOOD) and ham and asparagus crepes which were awful…..AWFUL. The directions said to cook them for 12 minutes. And asparagus doesn’t cook in 12 minutes. The asparagus also needed seasoning. Very bland. The breakfast casserole I made was also a near pintrosity. When the directions say cook for 55 minutes and it really takes 95 minutes things could get ugly. Especially when hungry women are waiting to eat! LOL!

I forgot to take pics of our food before we started eating.


In between eating I worked on a rosette wreath. I finished the one for my Grandma and about half way finished one for myself.


The rosettes are time consuming! I literally spent all day making them. I didn’t really size the strips when I cut them so mine are randomly sized. To make a rosette you cut a strip of fabric and tie a knot in one end. Then you wrap the fabric around the knot (imagine the knot is the center of the flower) and you twist the fabric as you wrap it. You secure it by hot gluing it to a circle piece of felt that is slightly smaller than your rosette. Sounds easy right? My fingers cramped up several times. And I am not a very good circle cutter (thank you Rachel for the ones you cut for me!). My paper punch wouldn’t cut thru the felt and my cricut wouldn’t cut it! Oh well, I think it turned out cute and I had good company while making them.


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