Wedding Prop Shopping

We spent the day at Antique Weekend on a mission to find some wedding props. I saw a picture on pinterest that I fell in love with and decided I needed to recreate it for our wedding. The picture linked to a “prop” rental company that was renting doors for $100 each. I thought I could purchase my own for that price and be able to keep them. So here is the picture that inspired me-


When I first found these I had to talk Danny into buying and keeping doors in a house that he already thinks has too much stuff in it. So I searched pinterest again and found this-


Now I had Danny on board so we agreed to search for doors at the antique festival. I figured on spending around $150 for the doors and Danny was hoping for $100.

We found these doors and while they don’t match we plan on painting them (with some help from a friend!) and here is the icing on the cake, we bought both doors for $25.00!


Since we saved so much on the doors I was able to sneak in a few more purchases! LOL!

I bought this cabinet for the kitchen-


And I got this little stained glass window –


Antique Weekend runs for 10 days and we have learned from experience that the best day to go is the last Saturday. People start packing up and I kid you not are practically giving their items away. The lady I bought the yellow cabinet from dropped the price by $30 without me even asking!


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