My New Mirror

Today was pinterest project day and I LOVED this project! To view the tutorial that I followed please visit HERE. This was an excellent and very detailed tutorial. I followed it to a T with only 2 small differences I will explain below. I had her website pulled up on my phone when I went into Lowes and even used her pictures to ask where I could find a certain item.

The project was to attach a cheap framed mirror to fence posts to create a chic standing mirror. I purchased 6 foot fence boards at Lowes and painted them white. The boards sucked up the paint so the end result was a rustic look achieved without even having to sand them.


Danny bought a table saw yesterday and he helped me ALOT with this project. He cut the boards to 5 feet for me.


Once the boards were cut we anchored them together as directed in the tutorial but they were really shaky and didn’t feel secure at all. Danny added a cross board to make it steady and it worked great.


The last step was to attach a wooden scroll and the mirror to the boards. We used liquid nails instead of a hot glue gun used in the tutorial.

This was an easy project and I LOVE the end result.


This is going to look great in the guest room!


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