Puppy Love

We found a puppy in our driveway about 2 weeks ago. It was pretty much love at first sight and I convinced Danny to let us keep her until we found a home for her. Which 2 days later turned into, she is home. So now we have a new puppy and her name is Mason. She is a yellow lab and around 14 weeks old. We put out fliers when we found her and no one ever called…..maybe I know why. LOL

This is my pretty display of fall leaves and pumpkins and potpourri.


This is Mason chewing on said fall leaves


And this is Mason after I took the leaf away and scolded her.


So of course puppies will be puppies and lab puppies are especially ummmm special. LOL

So here is what Mason did while I was in the bath this morning.


She doesn’t really see the issue with this


But tearing up toilet paper sure is exhausting


I should not fail to mention that I also pulled Mason out of the fireplace today. So if I haven’t had time to finish a crafty project lately you can bet that Mason is at least partially responsible!


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