Photo Transfer…..Take 1

Last week I went to a Christmas party and met up with a crafty friend. She had all these wood boards in her car and told me they were left over from a picture transfer project. She kindly gave me some boards to play with and I found some pictures I wanted to transfer to them. I followed a tutorial I found on pinterest. The tutorial is great, there are pictures included and very detailed directions. However, my project is going to require a re-do. I was unsuccessful in creating something gift worthy. So allow me to explain what I think I did wrong and maybe you can learn from my mistakes.

The first one I did was a wedding picture of Danny’s parents.

ImageObviously I can not present this as a gift to Danny’s mother when it contains a photo of her with her face scratched off. Ugh.

I tried to do a better job with the second one and proceeded to scratch my own face off.


I think the third try was better, but still not gift worthy.



So upon consultation with Danny these are our thoughts on what went wrong. I think the picture you apply should have a trim. That way as you are scraping off the paper the trim on the outside gets scrapped off instead of your face. I think I need a smoother piece of wood, like the kind with a beveled edge they sell in the unfinished wood section at Hobby Lobby. And lastly, it appears that if you use your finger or a dry towel to remove the paper it doesn’t scratch as much but it does take longer. These are supposed to have a vintage look, but scratched off faces are a little too vintage for me.

I didn’t apply the modge podge to these blocks because I am not gifting them. But the finished gift worthy pictures should have modge podge over them.

Take 2 will commence as soon as I buy some new boards!


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