Memorial Shutters

When we went to Fredricksburg for our cake tasting we made a stop at Trade Days. I found some old shutters that were selling for $5.00 each and I grabbed 2 thinking there was surely something I could do with shutters.

I found a few ideas on Pinterest and my brain started working away. I already knew we wanted some sort of memorial at the wedding to honor our lost loved ones.

I loved this idea I found but Danny didn’t like the clothesline look.

ImageThen I found this idea

ImageSo those ideas combined is what I ended up with.

The shutters were brown so I needed to paint them. I used white spray paint. It’s not easy to find a good painting day in Houston. It’s always humid and gross and that is never good outdoor painting weather. I had been waiting for the perfect day which happened to be Friday.

ImageOne of the shutters did a cool crackle effect all by itself. ImageAfter the white paint dried I added a stencil on the top of each shutter.

ImageImageWe are going to use black clothespins to attach some photos and these will be displayed at our outdoor wedding ceremony……97 DAYS FROM NOW!!!!!


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