Scrappy Day Minus One

Today was our March scrappy day. It’s been a rough month for all of us so we were really looking forward to getting together today. I got a text this morning that my friend Cat wasn’t going to be able to make it. Her hubby was diagnosed with colon cancer in October and he woke up in the middle of the night severely ill from his Thursday chemo treatment. It wasn’t the same without her today but we did text thru-out the day. Please visit this website and donate to Cats family. Everything helps!

We did accomplish SO MUCH today for the wedding. Rachel sewed a patch into my dress that was made out of a scrap of material from my Grandma’s shirt and my Grandpa’s shirt.

        rachel sewing


So now I have my something blue. My something new is my jewelry, and my something borrowed and old is my Great Great Grandma’s jewelry that I am going to pin to my bouquet.

wedding jewels

Rachel also helped me with the bean bags for the game we are taking up to the ranch for the wedding. Where would I be without Rachel??!

bean bags

I finished up most of the wedding decorations today. I made door hangars for the cabins.

Door hangar

There are 3 cabins at the ranch so I made signs for each door so everyone knows where they are staying when they arrive.

cabin door hangar

We are going to have a photo booth at the wedding. Seriously an epic photo booth. I don’t even want to try and describe it, all of you will just have to wait for the photos. But I can share a prop I made today.


And this super cute adorable banner will definitely be used in some photos as well.


And last but not least, a dishwasher magnet that I made.

dishwasher magnet

I mean seriously, how can you not love that magnet?! 🙂

Oh and an Easter basket, made by someone I can’t name,  for someone who is so adorably cute and precious but whom I also can’t name.

easter basket

It’s 41 days until the wedding!!!! I have been working on wedding stuff for over a year! I was even wondering today what in the world I will work on for May scrappy day! LOL!


4 thoughts on “Scrappy Day Minus One

  1. Wow, have you been busy!!! All your projects look great, and I really love the Easter basket! It’s going to be a great wedding and I know all your projects will be soooo admired!

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