Busy Work

I thought after the wedding things would slow down a bit, not true at all. We have been crazy busy. One of my projects that has been pending for awhile was painting a few furniture pieces. I had a bookcase and a shelf that I wanted to paint with chalkboard paint. The paint was left over from a wedding project. Possibly due to the humidity but maybe just because the paint is AWFUL- it was a daunting task to paint the furniture. I mean it was down right awful. The paint was gritty, runny, uneven, and I had to paint at least 4 coats of paint to make it even somewhat presentable. I eventually started using a sponge brush which worked a little better, but overall, its one of those projects I hope I never have to do again.

The end result though- super cute with some bead board added by my wonderful husband.


wall shelf

We also spent 3 days working in our back yard. Our back yard is probably a contender for the ugliest back yard ever. With 3 dogs and a recent drought, we have practically no grass left. So we decided we needed to do a little beautifying. We planted hibiscus along 40 feet of our back fence. I had no idea it would take 3 days, but isn’t it pretty?


And as a parting gift, a picture of my baby. 🙂

She came in this morning with a mouth full of mulch, apparently she is enjoying our new landscaping too.



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