Chalkboard Prints

My Grandma came over a few weeks ago with a magazine clipping of a chalkboard print that she was wanting. She asked me if I could look it up online and see how much it was. I was thinking this is going to be EXPENSIVE because of course, chalkboard is in right now and if it’s “in” then it’s expensive. Her magazine clipping led me to Dear Lillie. Dear Lillie is probably a creative genius. No she is definitely a creative genius. And she must not realize she is a genius because her prices are LOW.

Dear Lillie offers the ability to buy a digital format and print it your self. Make sure you check the pricing and shop around. Here is what I learned.

Office Max- The price was good. $2.99 for a 16×20. Their customer service was a nightmare and I ended up not buying there.

Office Depot- Crazy expensive. $8.99 for 16×20.

Fed Ex- I had 4 prints made and paid $9.00 total. So Fed Ex was the winner for me!

Here are my prints. I bought the frames at Michaels this morning on clearance.

over the rainbow

What a wonderful world

So lets break it down and see if I saved any money buying the digital print.

I paid $20 for two digital files and I printed each one twice

I paid $9 for printing

So I paid $29 for 4 prints or $7.25 each. Even with all the obstacles I faced at the printing stores I saved ALOT of money! The prints are between $17 and $20 on her website. That’s still a really good deal I think if you don’t want to mess with printing them yourself.


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