Cricut Iron on Vinyl…….Fail

My intention today was to teach you how to iron on a design with the new cricut vinyl. Instead, I will now show you what NOT to do.

I bought 3 rolls of iron on vinyl at $12.99 each and 5 pillow covers.


My plan was to cut monogram R’s and P’s and make adorable little pillows for me and my Grandma.

So my first problem arose when I realized the rolls of vinyl were barely more than 12×12, meaning I would only be able to make 3 pillows, not 5. Really quite expensive for only a12x12 sheet, but OK, whatever, its still going to be cool.

So with some direction from Cat I created a mirror image of an R on my gypsy.


The cool thing about the iron on vinyl is that it already has the “transfer” on the roll. So you cut your letter, and peel off the excess, and the clear plastic sheet is the transfer that you iron over.


So this is the part where everything falls to pieces. Complete failure on my part. I am sure somewhere there are directions, like iron on medium or a “do this not that guide” but I thought I knew what I was doing.

I covered the transfer tape with a t-shirt and ironed over it. When I checked on the progress of the R nothing was happening so I turned the heat up from medium to high. Still, nothing was happening. So I removed the t-shirt and ironed directly onto the plastic sheet. This is where the fail part comes in. I pretty much melted my R. I am not really sure at which point the complete fail began but I was slightly crushed. Might as well have just thrown $12.99 in the trash.

So from a distance…..


But then you really look at it…….Image

Ugh. Its so awful I can’t stand it. Now I am afraid to use the last two rolls of iron on vinyl that I have and I still have 4 pillow covers left. I think I am just going to stuff the pillows and throw them on the couch without a monogram…..I can only waste so many $12.99’s a day.


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