Backyard Paradise- Day 3

As of this afternoon our yard is a disaster zone. But before we get to that I need to update the patio photos.

The patio is almost done. We still need paint, lights, ceiling fan, and speakers, but the contractor told me today that will all happen after the pool is finished.  So yesterday they finished up as much of the patio as they will for awhile.

inside of patio


Today they installed the new door so ignore the yucky door frame in this photo because all of that is gone.

Over the weekend we prepped the front yard for the bobcat to drive thru our flower bed.

front yard

And we picked out the flagstone to go around the pool.


So Day 4 is actually wrapping up right now. The front yard makes me want to cry, there is no fence between us and our neighbors, our back neighbor came over and told us we cut his phone line, and the backyard looks like a pool made out of dirt……Pretty much exactly and nothing at all like I imagined. LOL.


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