Sewing Shananigans

All beginner tutorials start with ” as long as you can sew in a straight line you can do this”. Well, honestly, I cannot sew in a straight line. I also cannot cut in a straight line. In the world of paper crafting you can cover up crooked paper with embellishments. I haven’t figured out yet how to cover up crooked lines in sewing.

So I bought some cute gray and yellow jersey knit fabric today and decided to make a scarf. The tutorial said to cut the fabric 65 inches long. 65 inches! My cutting mat is 12×12. I was in a bind. I went out to the garage and got Danny’s measuring tape and 65 inches was about the length of my table. So I cut the fabric, most definitely no where near straight. How do you even cut 65 inches of fabric in a straight line?!?! Someone please enlighten me!

I also managed to cut my vinyl tablecloth…..


I sewed up the sides (not straight) and the ends (also not straight) and after looking at my crooked scarf decided not to add the ruffles…..


What I decided to do, instead of adding the ruffles, was to bake some pumpkin cookies.


The cookies turned out much better than the scarf.

Stay tuned for my next sewing project using ALL of these fabrics-

sewing project


3 thoughts on “Sewing Shananigans

  1. Yay! I’m not the only one who can’t cut or sew straight! LOL My mom’s tip was to draw the line on the fabric with chalk to give you something as a guide. It sorta’ kinda’ helps, but I am still bad at it. πŸ™‚

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