Backyard Paradise…..slowly progressing

Was it two weeks ago that I thought we were almost done? Things really have not been progressing as quickly as I would like. We are at the point where many contractors have to coordinate to finish things up and it is not moving fast enough for me.

Last week they did the plaster….

bench with plaster full length plaster hot tub plaster

And the next day they filled the pool!

hot tubwaterfalls

At night we can go out and play with the lights (red, blue, green, purple). I think the red just looks kind of creepy…..


So now we sit with a completed pool and we had big plans to fire up the hot tub this weekend. Then the pool maintenance guy arrived and informed us we can’t turn on the heater for 2 weeks. UGH.

We are still waiting for the patio to be finished, the grass and sprinklers to be installed, the fence to be put back up, the cool deck to be applied, and the gutters to be installed. Optimistically I say, maybe next week. 🙂


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