Backyard Paradise…..Complete!

The pool was basically finished up last week. They did a few small things this week, and with the exception of sealing the stone we are all done! Grass is done, sprinklers, cool deck on the patio, its so exciting!

Last weekend was really  warm. It was in the mid 80’s. The pool temp was in the mid 60’s but that didn’t stop us from testing it out. Danny and I gave up rather quickly and moved over to the hot tub, but the puppies had a blast. Well, mostly just one puppy (old man really, he’s 10) had a blast, the other two were quite terrified.

drool monster  Pups 1 pups 2 Pups 3

Memphis fell in at one point and I snapped the most hilarious picture of her trying to get out. Sorry I snapped a picture instead of helping you Memphis…..

pups 4

Danny built a TV cabinet and that was hung outside last weekend too. I think it looks amazing!

tv cabinet 2

And now I have the most beautiful view from inside the house.

inside view

It is crazy cold here this weekend. They are even predicting SNOW in Texas this weekend. They keep saying it won’t make it to Houston but I am hoping it will! When is the weatherman ever right anyway? Hot tub in the snow would be pretty epic!


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