Cabinet Door Christmas

Recently my Grandma and I were at a craft show and she was eyeballing a chalkboard that was $60. I said no way, absolutely not, let me make you one. So that idea turned into making a few other things out of the cabinet doors I had laying around.

For my Grandma I made a chalkboard and put 3 knobs on the bottom that she can hang things from.


Its not a good photo, but that’s because I took it in the garage, Danny was still installing the knobs for me. I love that you can turn literally anything into a chalkboard. It’s so easy and it looks so cute!

We are having Christmas dinner at a family friends house so I made them a tray out of a narrow cabinet door. Easy hostess gift!

kitchen cabinet turned tray

Those handle/knobs are just drool worthy.

tray handles

I made one of these for Danny’s parents too.

Tonight I discovered I do not have gift bags big enough for these items. No way am I going to the store, so I guess I need to figure out how to wrap around those knobs.


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