Hob Lob Sunday Shopping

Last Saturday I went to Hobby Lobby and filled my basket with goodies. I got up to the register and she rung everything up to a grand total of $120. WHAT? No!  Everything is on sale…..except nothing was on sale. How did that happen? I never pay attention, I just assume if I am at Hobby Lobby it’s on sale. I declined my purchases and put everything back, walking out with a very sad face. Sunday morning I woke up and still wanted everything. So I logged onto the Hobby Lobby website and discovered sales start on Sunday. YAY! I bought everything online, paid $8 shipping, and saved $60. YAY ME! I don’t mind paying for shipping when it’s only $8 and it was at my doorstep on Thursday! Not bad. Here are my goodies.

My wooden R. Danny said there was no room for it but I always find an open space.

photo 1

I bought two of these lanterns for outside. I like these ones better than the ones I found in the store. In the store it was hard to find 2 of the same. We hung these on each side of the TV.

photo 3

I bought these LED candles to go inside the lanterns but they didn’t fit! No worries, I found a home for them inside. They have a 5 hour timer so they come on at the same time everyday and turn off 5 hours later. Cool!

photo 2

Now I still need to find LED candles that fit inside the lanterns. Just remember when shopping at Hobby Lobby, if it’s not on sale, it will be come Sunday!


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