A little vinyl decor

I LOVE vinyl. There was a point several years ago when Danny told me I couldn’t vinyl any more surfaces in our house. I toned it down a bit, but I still dream of adding vinyl to just about any flat surface. I’ve been crazy busy creating orders but I took some time last night to do a little something for myself.
I ordered a sewing case for a sewing class I’m starting. It was soooooo boring when it arrived so I spruced it up a bit.



Here’s a few more items I’ve been busy making-




Cypress Custom Crafts

I created a Facebook page called Cypress Custom Crafts. I’m having a ton of fun with it and love making the custom orders.
Lately I haven’t been sleeping well, so I have spent many late night and early mornings creating orders.
Here’s a sample of what I have been up to.