Birthday Board

I made this board for a fundraiser. I had big plans to add some chevron which never panned out, but I like the end result.



Creativity Room Remodel

A few weeks back I fell in love with a table and bought it for the creativity room. It required lots and lots of purging but I was able to arrange my room to fit the table. Finally, a craft room I can actually craft in!

photo 1

A sewing corner-

photo 2

Don’t you LOVE that table?!?!?

photo 3

Hosting scrappy day tomorrow and can’t wait to scrap in my room with everyone at the new table!

Gifts and Orders

I haven’t posted in FOREVER! That doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy creating though.

First up- Rachel’s birthday present. Quite possibly my most favorite thing I have ever made. First of all- I love the song. It reminds me of my Grandparents and makes me happy. Second of all, it is just freaking adorable.

Danny put some boards together for me and I spray painted them yellow and then added some white paint with a foam brush and kind of patted it off with a paper towel. Very technical stuff.


Then I added the vinyl. Well truthfully Danny did it….

my sunshine

And there you have the cutest sign ever made. XOXO

Next up- orders. I’ve had a few requests for items and here are a few I have done recently.

love you

How cute is this vinyl saying on a burlap canvas? LOVE it!


A bridal shower banner (isn’t my model handsome!)


I went shabby chic on this banner. I added a bit of stickles, some pink tulle, and some silver embellishments. How dainty for a bridal shower!

I have several more orders I will be working on over the next few weeks and will share once they are done.

Hob Lob Sunday Shopping

Last Saturday I went to Hobby Lobby and filled my basket with goodies. I got up to the register and she rung everything up to a grand total of $120. WHAT? No!  Everything is on sale…..except nothing was on sale. How did that happen? I never pay attention, I just assume if I am at Hobby Lobby it’s on sale. I declined my purchases and put everything back, walking out with a very sad face. Sunday morning I woke up and still wanted everything. So I logged onto the Hobby Lobby website and discovered sales start on Sunday. YAY! I bought everything online, paid $8 shipping, and saved $60. YAY ME! I don’t mind paying for shipping when it’s only $8 and it was at my doorstep on Thursday! Not bad. Here are my goodies.

My wooden R. Danny said there was no room for it but I always find an open space.

photo 1

I bought two of these lanterns for outside. I like these ones better than the ones I found in the store. In the store it was hard to find 2 of the same. We hung these on each side of the TV.

photo 3

I bought these LED candles to go inside the lanterns but they didn’t fit! No worries, I found a home for them inside. They have a 5 hour timer so they come on at the same time everyday and turn off 5 hours later. Cool!

photo 2

Now I still need to find LED candles that fit inside the lanterns. Just remember when shopping at Hobby Lobby, if it’s not on sale, it will be come Sunday!

Fresh new look

Danny painted our door black and I cut out a silver Welcome sign. Our door didn’t have a peephole so Danny added one. I added my cute little valentine sign to the door for the photo. I have since taken it down because the OCD in me couldn’t handle the need to hang the wreath slightly off center to accommodate the peephole.


Project Sunday

For the first time in a really long time and maybe ever, I have finished my cards before scrappy day. I used punches to make them and 2 cuttlebug folders. Total time for 3 cards? Maybe 30 minutes. Love them.


It’s possible I could be back in the creativity room as soon as Tuesday. Around here (Houston) we shut down the city when it snows.


We did make a Lowes trip today and I have two project planned. Also we (Danny) painted our front door today. I will post pics tomorrow!