A little vinyl decor

I LOVE vinyl. There was a point several years ago when Danny told me I couldn’t vinyl any more surfaces in our house. I toned it down a bit, but I still dream of adding vinyl to just about any flat surface. I’ve been crazy busy creating orders but I took some time last night to do a little something for myself.
I ordered a sewing case for a sewing class I’m starting. It was soooooo boring when it arrived so I spruced it up a bit.



Here’s a few more items I’ve been busy making-





Cypress Custom Crafts

I created a Facebook page called Cypress Custom Crafts. I’m having a ton of fun with it and love making the custom orders.
Lately I haven’t been sleeping well, so I have spent many late night and early mornings creating orders.
Here’s a sample of what I have been up to.




Crafty Weekend

I have been so busy the last week playing with my Silhouette and making orders. On Saturday my friend Karie came down from Tyler and a few other friends came over and we did a little crafting and a lot of laughing! We had such a great day followed by a fabulous hibachi dinner. Every Time we get together I am reminded that we don’t do it nearly enough.


Here are a few pics of what I have been working on-




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Dollar store cutting boards

I’ve been on the hunt for some dollar store cutting boards. I even asked my friend in Tyler if she could check her dollar store for me. I finally found a few (but I still want more!!!)

The possibilities are endless with these! Everyone I know will be getting a cutting board for Christmas!


Home Alone Creation

Home alone on a Friday night and I decided to put a little something together for a friend. I purchased this word file from the silhouette store for 99 cents. Took me a few practice cuts to get the sizing right before I cut it in vinyl. I used the vinyl as a stencil and once all the paint was dry I removed it. This might be my new favorite thing to do. This is a gift so I tied it with a tulle bow. The frame is 12×12 and will hold a layout page and can be changed out anytime.


Quick gift idea!

I needed a super quick gift idea. Super quick as in under an hour. So I ran out to my husbands wood scrap pile and found a small wood block. I asked him to sand it down for me and I got busy on creating.
I used a new technique I learned about in a silhouette Facebook group I joined. Now because I needed this quickly and I still don’t know how to use my silhouette, I used my cricut to make this.
The method is called PVPP- paint, vinyl, paint, peel.
So I painted my 4×5 block turquoise. Then I applied my vinyl W that I cut from the sophisticated cartridge . I painted another coat of the base color so the top color wouldn’t bleed under the vinyl. Finally I applied the top coat in black. Once it dried I peeled off the vinyl. I sanded it down a little with a nail file.
Start to finish in under an hour and a nice little office birthday gift.